Hit a Dude

ENnie Award-submitted Hit a Dude was created by Ryan Macklin, and released as a free game at Gen Con 2011. Hit a Dude was a great success, with over 350 copies floating around at the convention, and stories of people having loads of fun playing the the ultimate game designers' game.

The second edition of Hit a Dude was released at PAX and Dragon*Con 2011, with around a thousand copies distributed.

Graphic design by the lovely and unhittable Tiara Agresta.

NEW! The World Players Guide #1 is out!

Are you interested in supporting the Hit a Dude Foundation? Do you want to see a new generation of Hitters grow up and enjoy our sport? Have you ever been in a new city and wanted to know how Hit a Dude was played there, but afraid to ask? You're in luck! The World Players Guide was created for you! As an added bonus, a history of Hit a Dude's origin, starting in Roman society, is included. What a treasure trove of knowledge!

Every sale helps support Ryan Macklin's quest to bring this free game to conventions. If enough sell, we'll even bring Hit a Dude who a Whole New Level. So if you've love the game, or just want to see someone succeed, please buy the WPG. Thanks!

World Players Guide #1 is available exclusively through DriveThruRPG.

What Folks Are Saying About Hit a Dude

"I reckon he just won The Thousand-Year Game Challenge." (RPG Geek)

"A brilliantly transgressive work..." (DriveThruRPG)

"...Hit a Dude is really very Zen." (Story-Games)